Family Day Out: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

image1-1 As you can see, our anniversary started well with two cups of Mr and Mrs Tea and a breakfast buttie from the local sandwich shop. We all got showered, dressed and ready to go (a challenge in itself with a one year old) and just as we were getting ready to go I received a beautiful bunch of flowers from Amaryllis Floral Design care of my husband which was a lovely thought. Hilariously, I kind of knew they were coming as the previous day i had suggested a trip to the seaside, saying we’d have to get up and leave early to spend the full day there. My husband suddenly became very cagey and insisted we needed to stay in the house in the morning. He’s not very good at thinking on the spot and didn’t give any reason so I guessed – ha ha. Either way it was a lovely thought and as you can see, my flowers are gorgeous! image2-2We set of to Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is about a 50 minute journey from our home in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The boy fell asleep straight away which was great for us as we knew we could use his trike around the park because he was well rested. The SmarTrike Vanilla was his first birthday present (see post Birthday Fun) and is great for trips such as these as he can see so much more.  image3-1 A word of advice, if you are going to visit WYP and you put the name of it into your phone sat nav it will take you to the wrong entrance that is no longer in use. Luckily for us, there was a lovely WYP lady who told us this and gave us directions to the new entrance however, as you get nearer to it, the best thing to do is follow the signs. We arrived about 11:30 and parked in the Lion Car Park before heading to a place to eat as it was approaching Mini R’s lunch time. There are several venues to choose from that serve everything from jacket potatoes, panini’s, burgers, hot dogs and much more. We decided on the Monkey Play House and Cafe because it was the most child friendly in terms of what the boy could eat. He had a Kids chicken nugget meal (don’t judge me, it was a day out!), I had a cheese burger meal and the hubster had a chicken burger meal. He commented that the chicken was a little small for the burger bap but other than that it was tasty and what you expect from a burger place.  image2-1With full bellies, we set off around the park. Mini Me loved looking at all the animals, especially the ones he could get near to. His face was pretty much like the above picture all the way round! The first animals you see are the Meerkats and then the Lions. For me and the hubby, the lions were amazing however, because they were asleep, our Mini couldn’t really see them but I’m sure he’ll appreciate them more when he’s older.  image3The Wallaby Walkabout is an enclosure that you can walk around and the Wallabies hop past you and are really friendly. Mini R found them fascinating and it was so much more interactive for him. He kept reaching his little hand out to them, which he does to anything he wants. Obviously we couldn’t take a wallaby home! As we moved on, my hubby said “Shall we go see the Lemar’s?” which produced a lot of chuckling from me! “Don’t you mean the Lemurs?”  image4


Photo from Yahoo Images

I spent my time in the Lemur Walkabout singing “If there’s any justice in the world”, imagining the above fella wandering around whilst people looked at him and chuckling to myself. My husband didn’t find me so amusing! The Lemurs were, however, the another of my sons favourites and here he became a show off, “shouting” at them and then saying “Hiya!” for the first time. He won the crowds over as people cooed over him and I was a proud Mumma!image1-3 The big attraction at the YWP is the polar bears and they know have two – Victor and Pixel. I was so pleased they were out and walking about as, last time I had visited, Victor was the only one and he was being lazy in his cave. This was the sentiment that the tigers and the new cubs had as they were sleeping under a tree and quite hard to see. It didn’t matter though as they all have such big and lovely enclosures that it’s bound to happen sometimes. YWP isn’t a zoo, it’s a “Wildlife Adventure” and a conservation site meaning they all have tons of space and are well looked after. The lions were all rescued from Romania with the help of a campaign from News of the World and Jet2 planes. Project Polar is also a fantastic venture, leaving you with no worries about the care and lifestyle these animals have. 

Imagine how big the giraffes must have been to Mini Me?!

Imagine how big the giraffes must have been to Mini Me?!

Having a crawl on the grass after seeing the animals. It was such a lovely day!

Having a crawl on the grass after seeing the animals. It was such a lovely day!

He found running his hand down the fence more interesting than the tigers.

He found running his hand down the fence more interesting than the tigers.

I went to the toilet before we left and came across this which gave me a chuckle! It's certainly one way of raising money!

I went to the toilet before we left and came across this which gave me a chuckle! It’s certainly one way of raising money!

After an extended journey home due to hubby going the wrong way, we arrived home in time for me to have a good soak in the bath and get ready for our date night..but thats for another post!  Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to reply. You can also follow me on Twitter @EducatingR and Facebook at Educating Roversi.

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11 Responses to Family Day Out: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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  3. chloelifeunexpected says:

    Happy Anniversary! This sounds like such a great day out! I love lemurs! Your flowers were so beautiful. Go husband! The trike is a brilliant idea too. I also chuckled at the sponsored streak. Those people are a lot braver than me! 🙂 Thank you so much for linking this lovely post up to #whatevertheweather x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like a great time had by you and your family. Lemurs are awesome and our kids love visiting any animals except snakes. #wineandboobs

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy anniversary 🙂 this looks like a great place to visit, my monkey is animal mad on the way home tonight he was requesting that we go and see some animals tomorrow(its our day off!) will pop this one on the list if we are ever up your way. Thank you 🙂 #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jenny Eaves says:

    Happy anniversary, what a lovely husband you have ordering such beautiful flowers!
    Your little one looked like he had a fab day out! Definitely a good idea to use a trike, loving the expression on his face. Must be wondering what on earth all these strange animals are!
    So funny that your OH called them Lemar’s too, I would be the same as you, chuckling about it all the way round (and he would be quite annoyed!).
    Are you going to go in for the sponsored streak then?! hee hee!
    Thanks for linking up to the #Whatevertheweather linky 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That sounds like a rally good day out!! My daughter will be one this month and I’m thinking that I should get the trike too. My eldest used to have one and I remembered she loved it. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you had a great night out!! I really need one soon!! LOL xx


  8. Good call on the trike, I bet L liked that. We have been meaning to go back here – we went when G was about 6 months. It’s mad that I never knew the place existed. You should Tweet the park and link up your post as it’s a good review. X


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