September’s Featured Blogger: Carly from Bungalow Burn


Welcome back to Educating Roversi’s Featured Blogger!

I had a little break in August as we jetted off to Australia for three weeks (you can read the first two instalments here and here) so there was no monthly post but now we are back and I’m happy to welcome Carly from Bungalow Burn!


Since beginning blogging, one thing I have realised is that there are far more bloggers out there than I ever imagined, and with that the blogging world becomes a vast, and also a small, world all at the same time. What do I mean by that? Well I was reading Carly’s posts and following her blog then I realised we had a mutual friend, despite living a couple of hours away from her – small world!

Carly is a busy mum of two so, like most, struggles to fit blogging into day to day life. I, for one, am glad that she does. Her posts are truthful, witty and feature pictures of her gorgeous little girls. Her most recent post ‘Chalk and Cheese‘ tells funny tales of the difference in her two daughters and leaves me wondering whether I’ll ever be ready for Baby number two! I also found myself smiling at this post about pre-concieved parenting ideas – something I related to A LOT!

I’m so pleased Carly agreed to be my Featured Blogger so more people can discover her!

1) Tell me a little more about your family…Me and my other half, Tom, met in 2007 and we have two gorgeous little girls, Rose (3) and Willow (1). We live in a small Lincolnshire town with our three cats and two guinea pigs and are currently planning our wedding for May next year, on our 10 year anniversary. I’ve stepped off the career ladder and am enjoying the madness that being a ‘stay at home Mum’ to two lively, cheeky, stroppy kids brings. Life is happy, hectic and full of laughter, tears and tantrums and I wouldn’t change a thing. Actually the hours are crappy and the pay is abysmal, so maybe I would make some small tweaks… 


2) What are the main themes of your blog? Parenting highs and lows and life in general. Observations, things I’m mulling over, experiences, fears, tears, tantrums, tips and pretty much anything which comes into my head. 

3) Why did you begin your blog? I’ve always loved to write, English was one of my favourite subjects at school and I studied Journalism at Uni. A friend of mine suggested I start a blog and once I started tapping my inner-most thoughts out into the notes section of my phone I found it hard to stop. It’s an amazing release, writing a blog. It’s like keeping a diary – a really open, honest, public one! Once your words are out there you can’t take them back and you can never accurately predict how people are going to react, how your writing will be received, how you might affect your audience. It’s exciting, it’s risky and it’s rewarding when people enjoy your words. 


4) What’s your favourite thing about blogging? The honesty, the cathartic process of emotionally unloading, and the bravery it requires to write the harder-hitting blogs. My ‘Miscarriage of Justice‘ blog was probably the most difficult one I’ve ever written. We lost a baby and sadly that isn’t something people tend to talk about, so it felt scary to put our experience out there but the feedback was amazing – I was honoured to have it featured on the Tommy’s website (a fabulous miscarriage & still birth charity) and being told my words made other people experiencing such sorrow feel hopeful was incredible.   

5) September marks the start of the school year, how was your favourite subject in school and why? English was definitely up there but I also really enjoyed Art – my GCSE exam drawing even made it to the Usher Art Gallery in Lincoln (*brag* – oh come on, that’s pretty impressive, right?!) I’m a creative soul and love to get stuck into crafting and sewing. Since becoming a Mum in 2013 we’ve made hand and footprint Christmas cards every year and many family and friends have told me they really look forward to our card arriving, which is truly lovely.


6) What is your favourite stationary item and why? (Is it stationERY? I’m never sure…) Yes it is, my bad! – ER. I think I’d have to go with the humble pen. They say it’s mightier than the sword and I agree wholeheartedly. Speeches, treaties, the written and spoken word can be so powerful it can move hearts and minds. Although having said that I am rather partial to a hole punch. Hmm. This is trickier than I thought. 

7) What is the story behind your blog name “Bungalow Burn”? Well my surname is Burn (expiring May 2017) and we live in a bungalow! One we built, actually, in 2014. And before that we lived in another bungalow, next door to this one (where my in-laws now reside… and that isn’t actually as bad as it sounds, I swear… )

‘Bungalow Schlechter’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it so I reckon I’ll be sticking with it post-nuptials – thank goodness we’re in the chip and pin era now, eh? 

8) What was your favourite day of the summer holidays and why? In July this year we spent a day in Wells-next-the-sea with my sister and her family, who live in Chicago. She recently had her second baby, my niece, and it was just so gorgeous to spend a day chilling out on a beautiful white sandy beach with our children, my new niece and my adorable nephew having fun around us. My youngest also had her very first sea paddle that day and there’s just something about chunky baby thighs bobbing around in the sea which melts my heart. 


9) Snog, Marry, Avoid – Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey? Oh McDreamy. I’m a huuuuuuge Grey’s Anatomy fan so I think I’m going to have to nab Patrick D as my hubby. Then I’d have to have a Bridget-Jones-style-snowy-overcoat-snog with Mark Darcy aka Colin Firth. Yum. 

I’d avoid Hugh Grant like the plague. As much as I adored Notting Hill and About a Boy, I just can’t shake that post-BJ mugshot from my mind when I think of him. I mean, come on, the man had a Liz Hurley shaped steak at home and he STILL went there. Gross. 

10) What’s your dream holiday destination? Africa. Safari. Lions, elephants, cheetahs, BOOM, I’m there!! Someone once told me there’s a Safari Break where you stay in a hotel overnight and giraffes appear at your bedroom window. A girl can dream. 


I have to agree with Carly on Patrick Dempsey *swoon* however I am a fan of Hugh Grant…probably because I’ve never seen to mugshot she’s talking about and that is something I’m glad about! I cannot believe I made a spelling error (totally not like me!) and I decided to be honest and keep it in 🙂 

Once again, thanks so much to Carly for taking the time to complete the questions and send me the lovely pictures. You can find her blog here and she’d also on Facebook and Twitter so give her a little ‘like’ or ‘follow’. 

If you would like to be a Featured Blogger, please contact me via email ( or Facebook/Twitter

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7 Responses to September’s Featured Blogger: Carly from Bungalow Burn

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  2. Great to hear about other bloggers and the reason they started! Love the reason behind the name of the blog and well done on the Miscarriage of Justice blog. #KCACOLS

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  3. Lovely fimily photos and always lovely to hear about other bloggers.I would always have to go for theMr Darcy for the marry! Thanks so much for linking with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back next week

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  4. Sharon Parry says:

    Such lovely happy family photos. I love reading about new bloggers as I have only just started myself. Looking forward to reading more of Carly’s posts. #KCACOLS


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