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I’m Becky, the writer of Educating Roversi and I would LOVE to work with you!
There is lots of opportunity for you to feature on my blog! Smaller products could fit into one of my other posts, for example I could link clothing within a family day out post. For larger products or brands, a whole post can be written with pictures included, like our day out at Stockeld Park. All products will be reviewed by me, Becky, and my family (husband, son who is 4 in June 2018 and daughter, who is 1 in December 2018) and will be spoken about honestly.
In the future I would really love to be a brand ambassador for companies/brands and also include travel blogging from a family POV into my blog which I have already dipped my toe in, so to speak, with this post on Lisbon, as well as documenting our trip to Australia in 2016.
If you would like to discuss a possible collaboration, please contact me via email (
You can also find me on the following social media:
Twitter: @EducatingR

2 Responses to Work With Me

  1. Gemma dockerty says:

    I was very dissapointed with the experience my family had on saturday the 16th, on arriving to see santa we was told there was a 45 minute que we was happy about this as didnt pre book so was expected. My daughter has severe anixety and is autistic the lady dressed as the elf greated children but was very much in my daughters face shes 7 , and asking her about what she was wesring and then got over the top asking if she could walk like a dinosaur i told her to leave her as she has problems and could see my daughter getting upset to then she got more in her face asking what was wrong and can she do this and that at this point my daughter bolted crying that she didnt want to see santa we had been queing over 30 minutes! Her dad ran after her and i stayed in the que with her sister i think the elf lady got the idea then and walked off i then had to explain myself to people in the que why what looked like to be a badly behaved child isnt badly behaved but has difficulties. My daughter refused to see santa and wouldnt get out the car all this could have been avoided if the elf was educated in children with special needs or if she listened to me . After over 45 mins my youngest daughter decided she didnt want to see santa with out her sister so what should have been a challange but wonderful day for my daughters turned out wasted and now wont go near a grotto with fear the elfs wont leave her alone we traveld from leeds 14 to visit this santa we have never been before as usually go to tong but with good reviwes we thought we would try this one. We wont return my reviwe has taken time as i didnt no i could contact you this way untill i told several people of my expierence, it was a huge thing for my daughter that day i understand a jolly elf but not all children can take strangers in there faces and should have stopped when i asked i hope you take this and hopefully speak with staff on how to deal with children with difficulties and pick up on when a child really can not handel been spoken to.


    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear of your experience. Unfortunately my only link to the centre is that I was asked to go in return for an honest review of my experience as a Mum. I would suggest emailing the company as it sounds like this do need to look at a few aspects of the experience. Hope you have a lovely Xmas xxx


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