Family Day Out: The Adventure Web Park

Today myself, my husband and Mini R got in the car and made the 45 minute journey to The Adventure Web near York on the recommendation of a couple of friends who had visited previously.

Their slogan is “Where Adventure Awakens the Senses” and the place is definitely a sensory experience for children of all ages. Many children activity sites cater for aged 3 and up but this park is suitable from babies to teenagers. It consists of a variety of different areas: Creepy Crawlies, Party Zone, High Wired Ropes, Animal Zone and a Hair and Beauty Studio! At just over a fiver for 1 to 3 year olds and a couple of quid for adults, it is very much worth the money as there is so much to do! 

We got there about 10:30am and went straight to the Creepy Crawlies soft play area. They have a pre-walkers section that has lots of little toys for little hands (mainly those ones that play music and are really annoying at home but here are fine because you can’t hear them over the noise of the children having fun!)IMG_4387 and wooden activity cubes, like the one in the picture, which my son loves! It’s also surrounded by mirrors and has some playmats for little babies too. Despite being a wobbly walker rather than a pre walker, Mini R enjoyed himself in this section. It was nice because it was a little calmer than other areas! 

The Under 5’s play area is quite big and has lots to do which is something I haven’t seen at other soft-plays where the toddler area is usually pretty basic. It has a ball pool and a mini version of the big area with things to crawl under and over as well as four slides. It also had a separate area with things to build, Velcro noughts and crosses and a little machine that blew air and you could balanced balls on so they floated. IMG_4333This was a favourite of Mini R’s however he didn’t get the idea of the balls and was the annoying kid that knocked them all off every time someone put one on (see picture to the right). It’s worth saying that adults are allowed to go in to assist their children but everyone needs to wear socks.IMG_4330 If you don’t have any you can buy them for a pound from the till point. The hubster loves clambering around with Mini R and it meant that I got to sit in peace and drink a hot cup of tea! Obviously we didn’t get to sample the Over 5’s area as we are not old enough yet but it looked pretty cool with a big slide at the centre of it. Children were running around it like crazy animals but I did notice how good the staff were at making sure the older ones stayed out of the younger area and how they kept an eye on everything, making sure there was no dangerous behaviour, but in a friendly way. All the staff were happy, helpful and professional and despite it being a Sunday and crazy busy, it didn’t spoil our experience at all. IMG_4338

When lunchtime came around we ordered from the menu as you are not allowed to take your own food in. I had a Chilli Con Carne with rice, the hubby had chick goujons and Mini R had Macaroni Cheese with sweetcorn. All were HUGE, tasty and well priced. They have a good menu with everything from wraps and panini’s to main meals, jacket potatoes and pizzas. They have a toddler and a junior menu, I didn’t think the toddler menu sounded big enough for our sons appetite so we ordered a Junior one and it was perfect for him. 

After lunch we went outside where they have an Animal Zone, Sandpit, Water Area and a playground. We stayed away from the water as we didn’t think it was quite warm enough to be getting soaked but sampled everything else. IMG_4360Mini Me LOVED the animals. Everything was made so they he could see everything and didn’t need picking up so he toddled around himself which was great for his independence. They had goats, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs, chipmunks, hens and cockerels and a pony. It’s worth mentioning that I was really pleased with how clean and big the pen’s for the animals are, especially the rabbits, guinea pigs and chipmunks which can sometimes get a raw deal at these kind of places. 

We paid a pound for Daddy and Mini R to have a ride on the Quad Bikes too. IMG_4355Definitely worth the pound as you get a good four laps before it runs out. Mini R took his driving very serious and barely cracked a smile all the way round yet at the same time I think he enjoyed it. He was just concentrating I’m guessing 🙂

Apart from the Over 5 soft play, the only other bit that wasn’t accessible to our boy was the outside play area as it was a little big for him. Daddy did try to take him up one bit but struggled to get himself and the boy up so came back down (See Picture below) with me saying “I told you so.” as us wives do! IMG_4375

Finally we went to the sand pit, IMG_4380which I was a little dubious about as it also had water and we didn’t have a towel for L, but we managed to keep him away from the really wet bits and he had as much fun as he does on the beach! We had a spare set of clothes (recommended!) and once he had finished playing we took him to baby change, stuck his feet in the sink to wash the sand off and got him changed into fresh, non sandy clothes before ending the day with an ice-cream. They have a special counter for ice-cream sundae’s, waffles and milkshakes – yum! 


We spent about four hours there in total but definitely could have stayed longer if Mini R hadn’t been ready for a nap and, as you can see from the picture below, The Adventure Web Park exhausted him! IMG_4388It’s definitely somewhere we will visit again and again. Great value for money with lots of variety! 


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7 Responses to Family Day Out: The Adventure Web Park

  1. chloelifeunexpected says:

    This place sounds really great! It’s brilliant that they cater for all ages. So many people either miss out on including things for either the babies or the teens! It’s great that they have outdoors and indoors so you’ve got somewhere to go if the weather isn’t that nice. It’s definitely sounds like great value for money and a good tip suggesting a spare set of clothes. Thank you so so much for linking this to #whatevertheweather x

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  2. Jenny Eaves says:

    Wow! It looks excellent! Seems like great value for money and I especially love that older kids are kept out of the younger kids area, that can be quite annoying when they barge past sometimes. Love the photo of him with the air jets, that’s what my A would do too! We love visiting animals too and that’s great that mini R could wander round and see everything himself without needing hoisted up all the time. The outdoor play areas are fantastic on their own, you could probably spend all day just playing outside and looking at the animals. Will have to remember this place if I ever am in the area!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. Sounds like a fab place to go. I lived in York years ago for a year and loved i. Just near the racecourse. #whatevertheweather

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  4. What a lovely place for tots! This would be ideal for our boy but there isn’t anything local like this which is a shame! Loving the photos and dad looks like he is enjoying himself a bit too much there mummy 😀 The sleepy head photo at the end is too cute xx #whatevertheweather

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  5. Fionnuala says:

    Sounds like an action-packed day in a great place.
    Fionnuala from

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  6. This sounds fab! My kids are a good bit older but I think they would love it too, especially the sand pit- there aren’t enough sandpits around here!

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  7. Sounds ace- I like the fact that the staff keep the big kids out of the little ones area (J got knocked flying by a swinging 5 yo on a punch bag on a Friday at a certain soft play in the Wakefield area that shall remain nameless 😂) 🙂 defo now on my list to visit!

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