Review: Mykonos Bar and Grill, Harrogate. 


About a 40 minute drive from my house is a lovely little place called Harrogate…or “‘Arrogit’ if you’re from Wakefield like me, it’s a beautiful part of the world, famous for Betty’s Tea Rooms and Mr Roversi and I once had a weekend there for his birthday.

We returned on the second day of the brand new year to visit Mykonos Bar and Grill, a new Greek restaurant, opened by my husbands good friend Yannis at the end of November. Being in the restaurant business himself, my hubby likes to support his friends and local businesses so was keen for us to go and try out their food and the atmosphere of the place.

The restaurant itself is bright, airy and colourful. Huge floor to ceiling windows span the front of restaurant letting in lots of light and making the restaurant seem bigger than it is. The decoration is simple and relaxing with pictures of Greek islands and seaside assessories scattered around.

There were several different menus to chose from, we actually got a bit confused for a minute as my Father in Law started ordering food we’d not seen until we realised he had the full menu and we’d been looking at the set menu and lunch menu.

At this point I have to say that I’ve not been the biggest fan of Greek food, I’ve never found anything to eat that I’d really loved (I’m a fan of pub grub and stodge) so I was apprehensive about what to eat and when my father in law and husband decided to order a meze or two, I played it safe with steak. All I can say is that now is that I want to go back and sample all the mezes!

We began with a series of dishes for starter such as battered haloumi, meatballs, and a fish platter including whitebait and calamari – yum yum yum! Everything was so tasty and cooked to perfection. I adore whitebait – it reminds me of my Dad because he used to cook it for me. We also had traditional Greek dips with pitta with Little L really loved! I love a good starter and I think I could have quite happily ordered loads of starters to pick at!

My steak for my main was really lovely, served with a tomato type salsa and spinach plus fries. I’ve tried steaks in a variety of restaurants as it’s one of my favourite meals so I know a good steak when I eat one! I asked for the rare and the waiter served it telling me that it was slightly more the rare but if I wasn’t happy I should let them know and they would change it. Due to how thick the steak was, it was actually really nice more medium/rare so I was really happy, plus spinach is one of my favourite veg and it complemented it all really nicely.

I did get a little bit of food envy when the fish meze main arrived as it all looked so tasty. I will definitely try some of it next time we visit. My hubby and FIL made light work of it and were very complimentary about all dishes.


We didn’t have a lot of space left for pudding but Yannis pursuaded us to try their profiteroles which had chocolate in the middle and a white chocolate fluffy sauce over the top. Our arms were twisted and he presented us with a plate hosting four huge profiteroles….heavenly. We were really full though but Little L didn’t have to be asked twice and finished off one and a half himself!

Little L was given a few options to chose from: Pasta, chicken etc and it was nice that it wasn’t just the basic kids menu type stuff such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers etc. He opted for the tomato and cheese pasta which I was a little dubious as he is sometimes a little funny with those sort of meals but he happily shoved it in his mouth and even said it was “yummy”. It was quite a big portion for him after he’d picked at all the starters too but he did quite a good job!

I can’t wait to visit Mykonos Bar and Grill again, so I can sample more of the meze menu…I think Yannis and the team may have changed my opinion on greek food for good!

So if you’re ever in Harrogate and are feeling peckish, give them a visit. Their opening times are:

  • Monday to Saturday 12:00-22:00
  • Friday & Saturday 12:00-22:30
  • Sunday 12:00-21:00

I have no doubt you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and they’re opening a bar upstairs with 2 for 1 cocktails very soon! Perfect!

You can find there website here and they are also on Facebook – so why not give them a ‘like’.


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2 Responses to Review: Mykonos Bar and Grill, Harrogate. 

  1. Tanya carass says:

    My partner and I ate here today. Shared a chicken souvlaki., have to say it was the best we’ve ever tasted!will definitely be back. Service was great too.

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  2. thetaleofmummyhood says:

    Until we had children, Hubs and I would visit Harrogate annually and have a boozy, foodie weekend! We haven’t been for so long, we really ought to take the children and visit this place! The food looks fab, I always think it best to go to restaurants on recommendation! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, it’d be great to see you again next week xx

    Liked by 1 person

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