Happy Half A Year!

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On the 21st June 2018, our daughter turned six months old. Quite honestly, I’m not sure where those months have disappeared to. I was intent on making the most of every minute of her being a baby and yet still, despite knowing and being prepare, the months have flown and every day she is becoming her own little person. This post is an update of her development from the last three months.PlayThe “Circle of Neglect” aka the Jumperoo was introduced at about four and a half months. Once she got the hang of it, she really enjoys bouncing about when she’s in the mood. Recently I moved it up to its highest setting which shows how much she has grown. Her brother used to be in the Jumperoo for ages whereas she gets a little bored after 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes it feels like she’s moved from Jumperoo to Playmat to Playnest to Bumbo/High Chair so I try to give her a little bit of time sat on my knee when I can.IMG_2695She loves singing and dancing around so I make a t*t of myself most days pulling off some interesting dance moves so she smiles and laughs. Recently she has been giggling when we do Row Row Row Your Boat and any song from the Relax and Sing sessions is a hit.Spud learnt to roll over at about five months old, from her back to her front, and she is happy laying on her front and playing for a little bit. When she’s had enough she certainly lets us know about it! The day she turned six months I think I saw her roll from front to back and now she rolls all over the place to get her toys…this concerns me as I know I think it won’t be long before she’s properly on the move, chasing after her favourite person, her big brother!

We go to SwimBabes every Thursday and she has just started her second set of ten lessons. We’ve never had so much as a slight whinge from her and she has begun to understand whats happening and enjoys it, from what I can tell! She has learnt to close her eyes with a warning for a splash or a swim under water and, unlike her brother, she never cries when she’s dunked!IMG_4293InteractionI don’t know if I should be proud or not but she certainly takes after her parents and brother, she doesn’t stop talking in babble and I’ve walked around Aldi and the local shopping centre with people chuckling at her because of her “shouting”. It’s funny, at first…I love how everyone comments on how super smiley she is and she has started laughing too although it’s not easy to get her to do. I’m looking forward to when she does proper belly laughs. I love how she puts her hand to my face and wiggles about when she’s excited. She only really cries if she’s hungry or tired.Sibling BondSeriously, I cannot tell you how cute L and S are together. Super adorable! He is still just as loving and caring…and a little smothering…as he always has been. She lights up around him and loves watching him dance and play. I love it. L says that she is his best friend and always tells her that she is “so cute!” and how much he loves her. I’m enjoying it for now because I know that as soon as she can grab his toys and spoil his play, he will begin to get frustrated and I will have to become referee.IMG_3600IMG_4405SleepI think I said in one of my other posts about my daughter that she is far more unpredictable than my son ever was. This has continued with sleep as there hasn’t really been a pattern. I don’t think we suffered from the 4 month sleep regression and we moved her to her own room around that time too. Currently she is going to bed around 7pm and sleeping till anywhere between midnight and 2am which is brilliant. Sometimes she wakes at 4:30ish, sometimes she doesn’t, then she’s up for the day around 5:30/6am which is a killer. We did go through a phase where, at 4:30am, she would be really fussy, not wanting her dummy, not wanting to feed much etc and I got into the habit of putting her in our bed and I get another 45-1.5hrs from her. I hate co-sleeping (not in general, I just don’t like doing it coz I like my space!) so it wasn’t ideal but luckily it’s stopped…we’re just getting up super early!FeedingI exclusively breastfed until she was five and a half months old. In all honesty, solely feeding her myself was taking it’s toll on me a little bit. She is still feeding well and thriving but she is also becoming very nosey so feeding her is becoming more difficult. She pulls off (twanging my nipple in the process) and looks around behind her, exposing me to the world. When she’s not doing that, she is grabbing my skin and pulling my boob towards her, leaving me with scratches all over my chest. I usually try and shove my hand in the way so then she grabs my finger which is super cute. I posted a picture on my Instagram account of her feeding and said that I was contemplating giving her a bottle of formula for bed at six months. I did it with my son, earlier than six months, and it freed me up in the evening to get a bit of “me” back. I’ve introduced a bottle of formula at bedtime and for the first feed of the night. I said I wouldn’t give Spud formula because she was doing so well on my milk so I guess it’s only selfish reasons for giving her it…cue Mum Guilt again.IMG_E3687We began little bits of weaning just after five months old. My mentality is so different to when we weaned our son. I’ve decided to go more Baby Led this time as it’s easier to chuck her bits and pieces. After giving her bits of porridge on a morning, I’ve quickly learnt that she prefers Baby Led too because she keeps trying to grab the bloody spoon! She’s had chunks of broccoli, cucumber and carrot. She really liked the carrot! On her six month “birthday” I gave her a cheese spread sandwich and she really enjoyed that! She’s not really digesting anything yet and doesn’t seem hugely bothered but I’m sure she will eventually.

PersonalityIn the last month or so I really feel like we have seen her personality start to evolve. The majority of the time she is a pleasant, relaxed, happy little girl. Her smile melts my heart and we see it a lot. Unlike her brother, she’s not a fan of being thrown about. Daddy loves to chuck them up in the air, like most Daddy’s but S is a little more sensitive to this and loud noises. It’s a running joke at Relax and Sing (post all about it coming soon!) that every time someone claps, she blinks! A little tiring for me is that she is a little clingy at the moment but absolutely fine if I’m not in sight and, when it comes to food, she has a little temper! Screeching at me till I share with her…but I’m like Joey from Friends and struggle to share my food! Ha ha!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such fab children and even more so because they are both so laid back and calm. I hope this continues however part of me thinks that they will test me in their teenage years because of it! Ha ha! I hope you enjoyed reading my update and seeing the development of her. More so, I’m glad I have such things to look back and remember. Please feel free to comment on any tips for weaning, particularly Baby Led! I feel like I need the inspiration! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and every day on Instagram!Educating Roversi-9

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